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Peter Jozef Vanderleenen

Selling since 1976 secondhand and new trucks trailers tankers tippers cars pick-ups and 4X4 ex army trucks to Africa

I started my Peter Brevan Internationaal bvba company in 1653 Dworp Belgium in 1985
selling every year +225 secondhand and new trucks trailers tankers cars pick-ups 4X4 ex army trucks
Started in 1979 to sell in Congo-Kinshasa and Angola secondhand and new trucks trailers tankers buses pick-ups cars 4X4 ex army trucks and new and secondhand spare parts in Marokko
I started to sell
                                   in 1979    :  to RDC-Kinshasa and RDC-Kivu and Rwanda-Kigali and Angola-Luanda
                                   in 1986   :   to Sierra Leone, Gambia and Liberia
                                   in 1988   :   to Senegal and Mali and Burkina and Benin and Niger
                                   in 1989   :   to Guinea - Conakry and Guinea - Bissau and Cameroun and Congo-Brazzaville
                                   in 1990   :   to Ivory Coast and Ghana and Togo
                                   in 2014   :   to Kenya and Tanzania an Uganda and Sudan

I travel 5 times a year to Africa to visit my clients and good friends since 1979

I drove 
a)  from RDC-Kinshasa to Rwanda
b)  from Uganda-Kampala to RDC Bunagana and Goma and Bukavu and Kisangani
c)  from RDC-Bukavu   to Rwanda-Kigali
c)  from Rwanda-Kigali to Kenya-Nairobi 
d)  from Kenya-Nairobi to Mombassa
e)  from Kenya-Nairobi to Tanzania-Arusha
I drove a lot
from RDC-Kinshasa to Matadi and Boma
from RDC-Kinshasa to Angola-Luanda
from RDC-Kinshasa to Angola-Cabinda
from Senegal-Dakar to The Gambia-Banjul
from Guinée-Conakry to Mali-Bamako
from Guinée-Conakry to Sierra Leone-Freetown
from Guinée-Conakry to Burkina Faso via Mali
from Mali-Bamako to Burkina Faso-Ouagadougou
from Burkina Faso-Ouagadougou to Niger-Niamey
from Burkina Faso-Ouagadougou to Benin-Cotonou
from Burkina Faso-Ouagadougou to Ivory Coast-Abidjan
from Burkina Faso-Ouagadougou to Accra and Tokoradi Ghana
from Ghana-Accra to Togo-Lome
from Togo-Lome to Benin Cotonou
from Ivory Coast-Abidjan to Liberia-Monrovia
from Liberia-Monrovia  to Sierra Leone-Freetown
from Sierra Leone-Freetown to Guinée-Conakry
And fly also on regular base between those cities and to Cameroun and Congo and  Angola and to 5 countries in  the Middle East ( Libanon - Emerates - Syria - Jordan  )
Since 1976 I know a lot of people in the business of trucks trailers tippers tractors tankers pick-ups cars and 4X4 in Europe
and in Africa and in the Middle East
Since 40 years  sales of   secondhand trucks trailers cars pick-ups 4X4 ex army trucks
We also have a own stock of vehicles
My company VANDERLEENEN FORCE INTERNATIONAAL -  World-Wide Consultancy & Connecting People Agency based in 1653 Dworp Belgium since 1999
- Has contacts with
  African Governments
  African Army - Gendarmerie - Police - Fire Departements
  Private Investors
  Big Projects
  Mining Sites

- Is higly specialized since years in selling Ex Army Trucks Tankers Troop Carriers 4X4 6X4 6X6 8X4 Trucks and Pick-ups 4X4 Cars Jeeps


- Can supply my clients trough my knowledge and 40 years of professional experience with all precision and give them all kind of advice with endless possibilities and connections

AFRICAN PARTNERSHIP with Peter Brevan Internationaal bvba

 Partner in  Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso 


 Partner in Freetown - Sierra Leone


 Partner Rohey Konateh Consultancy in Banjul - The Gambia 
- selling trucks trailers tippers tankers cars pick-ups and 4X4
 Partners in Conakry - Guinée
- running 25 tractors + semi-trailers in transport of general goods 
- running 2 garbage trucks and 1 truck with containerhook + containers under contract for towns and cities.
- setting up a workshop to repair and to rebuild and build semi-trailers and to repair and trucks.
- supplying the Guinée goverrnement all kind of trucks and cars and ex army trucks
- running 20 tanker trucks and tractors + semi- trailers to supply our fillingsstations and miningcompanies in Guinée
- running taxis and buses from Conakry to Nzerekore and  to Mali-Bamako and to Freetown-Sierra Leone
- new motorcycles
  Partner in San Pedro - Ivory Coast,
- selling trucks new and secondhand tractors tippers tankers tractors trailers pickups 4X4 and cars
- runnning a taxi company and car rental and 4X4 rental
- running logging company
- supplying to the government all kind of trucks and cars and ex army trucks
  Partner in Bamako - Mali
- selling trucks trailers tippers tankers pick-ups cars and 4X4
- running a  big repairshop for trucks and trailers and workshop building 3 axle semi-trailers on steel suspension with heavy duty springs
- running roadtransport of goods and passenger transport by taxi and buses between Conakry and Bamako
  Partner in Abidjan - Ivory Coast 
- selling trucks tippers tankers pick-ups cars and 4X4
- workshoft to repair trucks and to rebuild trucks
   Partner-Japan in Kampala - Uganda
- selling imported trucks pick-ups cars 4x4 from Japan and Europe
- big workshop for trucks and 4X4 and car repair ( electronic) for individuals and local and international transport companies  
  with Japanese and Uganda mecanics
- maintenance for local vehicules and East African  transit vehicules and transit transport
- maintenance for RDC trucks and RDC transport companies on transit in Uganda
 Partner in Libanon
-selling and building new trailers

So you have a small idea about our activities in  Africa   "  a place to be  "